Monday, May 10

My Lil' Glossary

I don't try to use too many "hair terminologies", but I tend to do that a little. See, I sometimes go on black hair care forums and that's all I see so you may see me writing it here and there.
Anyway, here's a mini-glossary of acronyms and terms I may use.

APL- Arm Pit Length
SL- Shoulder Length
ACV- Apple Cidar Vinegar
Pre-Poo- To prep my hair before shampooing to get added moisture. Most of the time I use either oils or deep condition on dry hair for an hour
Protective Style- Protecting my ends by wearing my hair in certain styles to keep my hair off my clothing, shoulders..etc. Most common Protective style is a bun or braids
Regimen- I think most people know this, but it's the steps I take to gain/maintain healthy hair
Seal- To seal in the moisture. Usually done after applying moisturizer and most oils are used to do so.

* Yay for a short post, lol* If you would like more clarification on anything, let me know*

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