Wednesday, May 26

To Trim or Not to Trim?

 Whenever I research how often one should trim their hair, the typical answer is every 6-8 weeks and they always say to trim either a 1/2  or 1 inch.
Now, the way I look at it is: An average persons hair grows about a half inch a month. It doesn't matter what race you are. Some peoples hair may grow a little faster then others, but on average it's a half inch.
So, if I were to "trim" a half inch every 6-8 weeks, I would be cutting off most of my growth.
I believe that if you have damaged or split ends, a trim is necessary. But if your ends seem perfectly fine, then a minor "dust" should take place after a relaxer. I consider a dust 1/4 of an inch or less. A dust will keep the ends looking good and if you have any minor split ends the dust will take care of those.
*Please don't believe the myth that if you trim all the time your hair grows faster/ Hair grows from the roots not the ends."

After my next touch up in September I plan on doing an actual trim. I would like to cut off about 1.5 inches off. I want to cut of my thin ends little by little. Plus, I will need to trim because I will be going 5 months without dusting my ends.

To keep your ends in check:
  • Avoid excess heat- A blow-dryer and curling iron can wreak havoc on your ends
  • If you use heat, before doing so use heat protectant. If it's after washing, always apply a leave-in
  •  Lightly dust your hair when needed (usually after a touch-up)
  •  Keep your ends moisturized at all times- If you wear your hair down, apply light oil or serum on your ends.

The more you take care and baby your ends, the less you have to cut your hair.

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