Thursday, June 10

Braids Update

So, I have had my braids in for 3 weeks now and I can't wait to take them out. I was going to re-do the front at week 2, but they aren't that messy or tight so I decided not to. I will be taking them out next Friday and I can't wait!
My plan is to let my hair breathe for 2 weeks then braid my hair again July 2nd.

I washed my braids this past Sunday with diluted shampoo. I just put a little shampoo and water in a spray bottle, sprayed my braids focusing on the scalp, massaged in for like 30 seconds then rinsed out.
After that, I did the same with diluted conditioner but let it sit for about an hour then rinsed off.
I then sprayed my hair with my braid spray mix, plaited my hair in 4 big braids then wrapped with a silk scarf.

The braids don't look as neat as when I first applied, obviously, but they don't look too bad. I just can't wait to take them out!

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