Friday, June 11

Getting Started

To start off a healthy hair care regimen there are some products that you definitely need. I try not to purchase so many products and stick to what I have and works for me, but sometimes I can't resist and try to find something better.
To get started you should have at least one each of the below.

Deep Conditioner ( 1 Moisturizing, 1 Mild Protein)
Leave-in Conditioner
Oil (or a serum)
Heat Protectant (if you use direct heat)
Wide Tooth Comb
A relaxer that fits you best

As I progress in my blogging, I will post information and suggestions for be sure to come back.

You can always refer back to my product list to see what I use. I update this whenever I add new products to my regimen.

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  1. I've been trying to get my hair back on track so this regimen is very helpful. Thanks!


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