Friday, June 25

I Will Not.....

BUY anymore hair products until I absolutely need them
USE direct heat (flat iron or blow dry) until my birthday which is in February
TAKE my braids out until August 6th- Took them out July 8th..haha
STOP drinking water and only water, well except for the morning
OBSESS over length anymore. Right now, it's all about healthy hair and thickness..
STEP FOOT in a salon...ever! I am now a complete do-it-yourselfer. I thought I would have my mom do my next touch-up, but I think I'll do it myself...

Just needed to put this out there so I can keep reminding myself.
*My hair products purchases are a little too excessive
*This no heat thing is making my hair so much more healthy and reducing split ends drastically
*I need to keep my hands out of my hair
*And I'm starting to actually like water more I said before..this is for my skin and overall health.
* I actually like the length my hair is right if I can only gain the thickness I will be verrry happy!
*Going to the salon set me back with my hair progress- small combs, incorrect detangling, bad touch-ups...I think ya'll get what I'm saying


  1. That's a good list! I'm going to try to do my own rollerset for the first time this weekend. I have short, a little past chin length hair. What roller sizes do you think I should get? Also, besides my hair products, rollers, and dryer, what else would you think I need? Thanks!!

  2. Good luck girl!!! You will be able to achieve all of those goals, no doubt! And I'm w/ you on the excessive spending... I have a bad habit that I can't seem to kick. =(

    You will be my inspiration lol

  3. @ GJ- Thanks. What size rollers do you usually get at the salon? Try to get magnetic rollers similar to that size. I don't know the exact size I used when I had chin length hair, but they were green, pink and yellow. Not sure if that helps.
    I think you have everything you need. As long as u have shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner and a leave-in...u should be fine.

    @ Love- Thank you! I hope so! :-) I think once you find the perfect products for your hair, u will def kick that habit. I'm hoping the same for me.


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