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I believe in order to truly take care of your hair, you need to know about the products you use and why. Shampoo is a very common product you see everywhere. One thing that I'm sure everyone knows, is that shampoo cleans hair. Not only does it clean your hair, but it also strips the hair of it's natural oils.  Haven't you noticed how drying shampoo leaves your hair? That's the main reason a conditioner usually follows. This is some of what I learned about shampooing hair.

Why Shampoo: To remove any dirt, dandruff, environmental pollutants and product build-up from scalp and hair

How Often Should We Shampoo: I say, 1X a week. (You have to remember how shampooing can be very drying to African American hair due to the sulfates.) For those who flat-iron or roller-set at the salon, every other week seems to work well too. It all depends on how much product build-up you have on your hair. I put a lot of products on my hair, so I wash once a week and conditioner-wash once a week. You have to do what works for your hair.

How to Shampoo: Wet hair, squeeze a nickle size of shampoo on hair, build-up lather on hair but focusing on scalp while massaging head, rinse off (don't put too much shampoo on length of hair). Repeat once.
*I do not suggest combing/detangling hair until a conditioner is put in it* Always use luke warm water. Never too hot.

What to do After: Always follow with a moisturizing conditioner and a leave-in conditioner. I also suggest following with a deep conditioner treatment.

What kind of Shampoo is Best for AA Hair:  Ha, I wish I had a concrete answer for this. I think that you should find a shampoo that specializes in dry hair then work from there. But of course I have some suggestions that many said are very moisturizing, cleanse hair well, and contain little to no sulfates.

Creame of Nature: Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo ( I'm switching to this from my Motions Lavish Conditioning Shampoo)
Neutrogena: Triple Moisture Shampoo
Paul Mitchell's Skinny shampoo
WEN Cleansing conditioners Fig and Almond Mint Or Hair One sold at Sally'  (No Sulfates)
ORS Creamy Aloe Vera shampoo
Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo ( All Organix Shampoos are sulfate free)

*Most of these can be found at your local drugstore*

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