Friday, July 16

How to Get Your Dream Job: YBP Interview Checklist

For all of those recent college grads, unemployed, or those looking for an upgrade in employment...check out this article I saw on the Young Black Professional Guide. Some of these tips you may already know, but it's always good to get refreshed.

A few of the tips:

Portfolio: This may seem obvious, but I’ve seen too many well dressed job candidates come to an interview without one in their hands. While a briefcase is too formal for most settings, a portfolio adds elegance and utility.

Pen: This is another somewhat obvious item, but a pen signifies that you’re ready to learn from the interview as well as contribute to it.

Research: Use that pen and portfolio before you get to the interview location to write down what you’ve learned about the company and two or three well thought out questions when the interviewer inevitably asks, “Do you have any questions for me?”.

Watch: Unless you’re interviewing with a startup, wearing a watch gives off the image that you care about time and will be a punctual employee. Of course, this effect is negated if you show up late to the interview.

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