Tuesday, July 27

My New Fav Mascara

I barely wear make up, but one product I do use from time to time is Mascara.
I have really short eyelashes :-(....so I try to find mascara that can lengthen, yet thicken them up.

I used to LOVE CoverGirl LashBlast and would only buy that kind but I just ran out of my last tube and figured it was time to try something different. My motto is: If it's not broke..Don't fix it..but if you think you can do better..give it a shot
So, I picked up CoverGirl LashBlast Length

I've been using this for a week...you know since I bought this, I been trying to wear mascara daily...and I love it! This has replaced my regular Cover Girl LashBlast and is my new fav mascara! Another plus is that it's water resistant :-)
Cost: $7.20 @ most local drug stores

* I only did one coat on the top set of lashes in this pic...will try to take a better pic and show comparison photos

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