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What is Pre-Pooing- Basically a pre-shampoo treatment which is applied to the hair and scalp before you wash your hair. Some people use Moisturizing conditioners(sometimes deep conditioners) or oils(coconut, Vitamin E, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jojoba) and apply the night before they wash their hair out. Some just apply a few hours before washing

Benefits of Pre-pooing- They help Condition Hair. Although you are washing it out, applying the conditioner or oil to dry hair will provide extra conditioning benefits.
They also help protect hair from the harsh shampooing process. Using an oil or conditioner helps provide a barrier between the hair and shampoo

How to Pre-poo-  Apply Oil(hot or cold) or conditioner to dry hair in sections from root to tip, cover with a plastic cap and go under the dryer for about 30 minutes then continue to wash following your normal routine. The heat really absorbs the products.
You can also do the same thing, then go to sleep and wash out the next Morning. You will get the same results from using heat.

How often should you Pre-poo- At least once a week

Do I prepoo?- Yes, I sure do! I pre-poo with Oils mostly, Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Coconut and sometimes Grapeseed Oil. How I do it is a little different, I apply a crap load of oil to mostly my newgrowth and ends on the night before shampoo day. (I shampoo on Sundays now) then wash out in the Morning.

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