Thursday, August 26

Dusting Pt. 2

I was supposed to Dust my hair 2 weeks ago, but I got lazy and didn't do it.
The last time I had a trim was March 27th, which they cut off about an inch.
I dusted my hair about 2 times since then.
The last time I dusted my hair was June 20th I believe, but this was just my ends...I cut off less then a quarter of an inch.

I am so paranoid of split, damaged and thin ends that I will be doing 3 things this weekend.
1.) Search and Destroy Method- This is where I basically go through as many strands as possible trying to locate any split ends and snipping them off (this will take forever..but I have absolutely NOTHING to do this weekend :-D finally! so I will relax, clean-up, work on some things that's on my to-do list and do my hair! )
2.) Dusting My whole length of my hair by twisting and clipped the ends that look scraggelly
3.) Dusting Just my ends

My ends seem to be in pretty good shape, but like I said I am soo paranoid of any set-backs and I want my hair to be as healthy as possible.
So besides dusting, I will be sticking to what has worked best for me to maintain healthy hair.
No Heat at all- That means no flat irons, curling irons, blow-dryer or even indirect heat(roller sets and hooded sryer) I will do this until December
Deep Conditioning at least 1 X a week
Moisturizing and Sealing Daily
Protecting my ends- For now, I braid my hair in one braid, moisturize the braid and seal with Coconut oil, then pin the braid up
No Brushing of the hair- Only combing with a large toothed comb

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