Monday, August 2

10 Tips for Healthy Hair

1.) De-tangle hair from tip to root- if hair is really tangled..USE A DETANGLER(Mane and Tail has a great one)
2.) Take a Multi-Vitamin Daily- Drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water to help absorb it
3.) When going to bed- Always wrap hair with a Silk or Satin Scarf. If not, use silk pillow cases
4.) Always Use Serum or Oil before blow-drying or using a flat-Iron
5.) Deep Condition twice a Month
6.) Try to stretch your relaxers instead of using the "relax every 6-8 weeks" rule. The less chemical treatments the better
7.) Moisturize hair daily or whenever it feels dry
8.) Dust or trim those ends when needed, not on a schedule
9.) Avoid tight hair styles(Braids, buns, pony's so forth)
10.) Give your hair a break from Braids or Weaves- Keep them in for 2 months max..especially weaves

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