Monday, August 16

A Few Reasons Why You May Have Breakage...

Your Bun - Many women wear their hair in buns where they tuck the ends under the ponytail holder, that can cause breakage because of the tension from the ponytail holder. What I do is make a regular ponytail, then pin the ends under which looks the same, but doesn't cause breakage. Always make sure to add extra moisturizer to your ends as well to help avoid unnecessary breakage.

Your Ponytail- Make sure it isn't too tight

Heat- Never blow-dry your hair when it is soaking wet, make sure it's at least 60% dry. Always use heat protectant before blowdrying or flat-ironing. Don't over do it with direct heat. try roller-setting instead

Not Enough Moisture- I can't say this enough, whenever you shampoo/clarify your hair, you should do a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment as well. If you are relaxed you also need to make sure your new-growth is always moisturized to prevent breakage from where the new-growth and relaxed hair meet.

Not Enough Protein- If your hair is snapping, mushy, too elastic, and breaking very easily..a protein treatment is needed

Your Clothing- If you wear your hair down often, the hair rubbing against your clothing(especially if it's a tough/rougher fabric) it can cause breakage. This is one of the reasons why protective styles are always recommended

Your Relaxer- No Lye Relaxers are good for the scalp but can be drying for the hair. If you're using No-Lye and your hair is breaking, try using a Lye Relaxer. Lye Relaxers are good for the hair, but can be tough on the scalp..if using a Lye Relaxer, always base the scalp very well.

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