Friday, August 13

Hair Dream

.....Or Shall I say Nightmare! LOL.
So, I did a braid-out last night and of course applied rollers to my ends to have a more natural look. Well, last night I had a dream that when taking out the rollers, my hair snapped and I lost about 4 inches of hair. I woke up right when that happened, ran to my mirror, took off my bonnet and had a huge sigh of! It was just a nightmare!
I of course did some research to see what this dream could have meant, even though I don't really believe what they say..and it came up with this.

Hair - Dream Symbols
Hair. For Samson, it was the source of his power. French Merovingian royalty placed so much importance on it that they were known as the "Long-Haired Monarchs". To them, hair was attributed magical power. Former 'Felicity' star Keri Russell might agree that hair has magic because when she cut hers, the charm of her show seemed to vanish along with her locks.

We as a culture are obsessed with our hair. Hair seems to someone say something who we are. It seems to be an outer expression of our inner selves. To make that outer image match our inner self we do all manner of things to our hair--we cut it, curl it, apply all manner of chemicals, we even sometimes shave it all off.

As in waking life, hair in dreams says something important about ourselves, only it is more a statement about our inner lives more so than our physical image. When hair shows up in dreams it normally falls into one of several categories. Here are some of those categories and ideas about what they symbolize.

Hair Falling Out

Since hair is commonly associated with power, dreaming of loosing hair is often an indicator that we feel like our energy is being drained away. Like tooth loss dreams there is often an accompanying feeling of helplessness that comes with dreams of hair loss. And like tooth loss dreams, hair loss dreams may point to feeling powerless to change a situation. If you dream of loosing hair, look at you life and see if there are relationships or situations which are energy drainers.
Hmmmm...well I had an intense work-out at the gym yesterday and was dead tired when I got home..maybe the gym is my energy drainer. But like I said..I usually don't believe everything I read

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