Friday, August 6

Health, Thickness..Then Length

When I first really started taking care of my hair I was concerned about length more then anything. Now, it's a different story. My main objective is to have healthy hair..everything else comes after.

Health (10 Tips for Healthy Hair)
Strong Hair
No Breakage (or as little as possible, sometimes breakage can be inevitable)
Minimal Shedding
Healthy Ends

Self Explanatory

Armpit Length by December

I think my hair is almost healthy because I have cut down on a lot of breakage, I shed about 10-20 hairs a day the most, and I dust my hair about every 3-4 weeks to maintain clean healthy ends.

So, now it's on to the Thickness...How do I get thick hair?  This is something that will gradually happen..but here's my game plan...

Trim- Next Touch-up, trim about 1.5 inches of my hair...Getting rid of the thinner ends little by little

Henna Gloss- Henna glosses are known to make hair thicker because of the coating that is bonded to the hair. This is an all natural treatment, that not only strengthens hair, but gives hair a nice reddish.brown tint in the sun. I have done a total of 3 Henna Gloss Treatments, but haven't blogged about it yet because I am a little iffy about the outcome. I will do a few posts on this soon stay tuned.........
 My Older Post on Henna

Biotin-  This is a vitamin that I started taking that is reported to have hair grow in thicker. This has to be taken with a B-Complex Vitamin to help combat any side-effects that may occur (mainly bumps/pimples).
Biotin for Hair

Thickening Conditioners- For now on, I will only use conditioners that are stated to add thickness or body to the hair. I never really believe the hype in these, but I'm going to give it a try and see how it works. The first conditioner I purchased was V05 Volumizing Conditioner and I have used it about 4 times. I don't see more volume, but it's pretty moisturizing so I'll give it time.

Relaxer Stretching- I will continue to do 4-5 month relaxer stretches because this will decrease the chance of overlapping the relaxer, which causes unnecessary thinning and also...the less chemical treatments, the healthier my hair will be.

I'm hoping to have a noticeable change in my hair by December, if not..gotta think of a better Game Plan :-)

Under the hood is my hair in April. Let's see if there will be a big change in December

Haha, this is a goofy and Old School Will Smith

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