Tuesday, August 31

Q & A's

Q- Where do I get my Vitamins?
A-  Walmart(this is my new# 1 place), Vitamin Shoppe and Swanson Vitamins (they are a very inexpensive online source)
Q- Where do you buy Unrefined Extra Virgin Coconut Oil?
A- Most Vitamin stores sell this. I even saw some at Target and Walmart. I got mine from GNC.

Q- How to avoid broken or thinning edges from ponytails, buns, protective styles
A- Don't do too tight ponytails,example- instead of wrapping the ponytail holder around hair like 5 times..do 4...put a little water or moisturizer and some non-alchoholic gel on your edges, then wrap a scarf around your hair for like 20 minutes. This will give the appearance of a "tight" ponytail...but it's not tight at all

Q-  Does Henna Dry out Hair?
A- Yes, your hair can feel a little dryer after doing FULL Henna treatments, which is why I do a Henna Gloss where I apply conditioner to my mixture and I always deep condition after. Even if you do a full Henna treatment, which is great for the hair, always do a deep conditioning treatment after to avoid the drying effect.

Q- Co-washing is good, but for some reason I had really itchy scalp..do you know why?
A- Conditioner should not be applied to your scalp ...only the length of the hair. I co-wash to moisturize my hair..which is why I shampoo with a sulfate free shampoo once a week. If you have real itchy scalp..try applying coconut oil(my fav oil) to it after washing or tea-trea oil. They both have antibacterial qualities.

Whenever I get questions, I'll just do a quick Q&A session on my blog. If you want more detailed answers, just let me know.

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