Friday, September 17

Checking in on my Braids

I think I will be able to pull off another week of braids even though they don't look as neat as I wish they would. Working in Corporate America, if your going to wear braids/ have to make sure they are always looking neat and good to avoid any backlash. That's just my opinion. Surprisingly, I got so many compliments from my colleagues! I'm one of the only 3 African(well I'm actually Haitian) American women working for my company so I was kind of nervous how people would look at me with these cornrows especially because I am the only one who wears them, but now I'm relieved that they were accepted.

Braids  on Monday

Braids today/Friday

Keep in mind, I braid my own hair and I braided them with my nails being a little longer than they were before.So, if they don't look that tight, that's why


  1. Just had a convo w/a friend who wants to get cork screws but is dreading the comments/remarks from her caucasian colleagues in the corporate realm. It's a shame we have to even worry about this but it seems to be of concern for a good amount of black women.

  2. I agree, it is a shame especially because being able to do so many different hairstyles(while still looking good) is just one reason why black hair is so beautiful.


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