Thursday, September 9

Giving My Hair a Break

Tomorrow, I will be putting my hair in braids. Not single braids, but a few rows of cornrows to give my hair a much needed break. I plan to keep those in for 2-3 weeks, most likely 2. I would do single braids, but for the time it takes me to braid my hair and the amount of time I actually keep my hair in braids, it's not worth it.
My hair has been getting tangled so easily lately, maybe because I'm texlaxed, and I do not want to manipulate my hair too much. I do not want any set-backs.

Preparation for my braids tonight include:

DC on Dry Hair for 30 minutes w/o heat 15 w/ heat
Apply Leav-ins
Airdry in Twists

I will also be soaking the synthetic(Kanekalon) hair in Apple Cider Vinegar and Water to remove the Alkaline base.

I'll hold off de-tangling until I actually braid my hair.
I'm also strongly considering getting a touch-up/real corrective relaxer from my old stylist at 8 weeks post.
I think that's what my hair is telling me to do..haha(listen to your hair). The "texlaxed/underprocessed" areas are matting and tangling so matter how much I moisturize/DC./de-tangle. It's just not fun dealing with this. I think once I get my touch-up my hair will be in good shape and that will be a great starting point. I will no longer do 5-6 month stretches, I will then relax ever 14-16 weeks. I will also make sure if I self relax, I have my Mother there to assist.
If the braids come out cute, I'll post

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