Thursday, September 30

Hair Comparison and Update

*Sorry, this is long*

Yesterday, I got my corrective relaxer done at the salon. I was 6 weeks post, but after 2 failed self-relaxers, my hair felt like I was 5 months post. The knots and tangles, although I was able to minimize them, were damaging to my hair so I had to do what I had to do. Now that my hair is corrected, I will not relax under 10 weeks post anymore and that's a promise to myself!

I used Silk Elements Lye Relaxer Again, for a second I thought I got regular strength, but it was Mild again..which after you read my story below, it's probably a good thing. The stylist wanted to use Alter Ego Linange Relaxer, but I don't like switching relaxers.

I went to a stylist near my house, and my experience was slightly traumatic to say the least. Before going in, I coated my relaxed strands thoroughly with castor oil. I chose Castor Oil because it's one of the thickest oils I know of. Thank goodness I did. Before parting my hair, the stylist had the nerve to try and spray my ends with water...I stopped her and said "What are you Doing and what is that?" She said it was water and it will protect my ends...I almost got up and walked out, which I should have, but I allowed her continue. I told her no, that wont protect my ends and don't spray that on my hair. So she stopped parted my hair and was about to apply the relaxer. I stopped her and said aren't you going to base my scalp...She said I didn't need one because I was using a Mild Relaxer. I told her..Yes I DO..and told her to base my scalp. Which she did.

She kept telling me she did plenty of relaxers before and no-ones hair ever came out my head I kept hearing BLAH BLAH BLAH!

Then she applied my relaxer- That part she actually did right
Then she washed it out and Neutralized a few times, not doing the 2 minute reconstructer first, but I figured I can just repair my own hair the next wash. Which after that experience will be very soon.
So after rinsing, she applied a Deep Conditioner...I read the bottle before she did it and it was Alter Ego Linange Reconstructuring Mask. Alter Ego is a good product which I used in the past, so I was okay with that.

After she washed it out she applyed conditioner to my hair and I felt her detangling my hair hair as she washed it out. But I was unsure of the size of the comb.

So here's the traumatizing part- After she applied the leave-in to do the roller set, she started detangling my hair from the top to bottom with a small comb. I stopped her and asked if she had a bigger comb because I saw alot of hair come out. She said that's natural...I told her NO that's not natural..took the chunk of hair and showed her that most of them were broken hair.
So another stylist handed her a larger comb...then she continued to detangle again from the top to bottom. I told her she's not doing it right then she passed me the comb and asked if I wanted to do it myself..I said yes and Grabbed it! I detangled and not much hair came out, but after she did the roller set I looked at the floor and saw handfuls of hair! I wanted to cry.

When she took the rollers out, she asked if I wanted to blow dry my hair, I said a "doobie" wrap she didn't have any pins or anything. So I told her to leave it as it is...gave her the money NO TIP and left!

Why didn't I take my own advice and not research her salon more? All in all my hair still feels healthy..but the amount of hair I saw on the floor really scared me. The Stylist said it was natural shed hair, but I'm pretty sure if I looked through it strand by strand it isn't. Maybe I'm being too dramatic, but I really do not want any setbacks!
I need a trim...but I sure wasn't going to trust that lady to do it. My ends aren't damaged, but the back looks slightly uneven.
Comparison Pic- June 1, 2009, April 2, 2010, September 29, 2010 (click on it for a larger view)


  1. DON'T go back to her for a trim!!!! She sounds horrible!! If it was me, when she handed me the comb I would have just walked out and finished my hair myself!!!

    BUT you've made good progress and your hair doesn't look too worse for the wear!!

  2. @ Love- Trust me, I will NEVER go back to her again and I was thinking about walking out right after she handed me the comb too. I really should have :-(
    Which is one reason why I didn't let her blow-dry, style or do anything to my hair.
    I guess you live and learn.

    Thank You!!!!! :-D


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