Thursday, September 9

Run out of Leave-ins?

This is just a quick tip that I have done myself and worked out great!

If you get into a predicament where you run out of leave-in conditioners and don't have the time or money to buy a new one.. Just dilute a moisturizing conditioner you already have with a little water, add in some of your favorite oil, shake it up then add it to your damp hair.

Some people even use straight Moisturizing Conditioners as leave-ins and moisturizers. I haven't tried that yet..but I will to see if it's effective. Hey..this may even save me a few bucks. I'll keep you posted


  1. That's what I do it's really effective and free!!
    When leave in sprays and moisturizing sprays can set u back £3.99 or more this is a real saver!
    Plus u need to plan before u go to the hair shop it's almost like a pilgrimage and u end up buying more stuff than u intended lol!

  2. It really is a saver! I still buy leave-ins, but I'm thinking about just using conditioner as one and calling it a day.
    Thanks for stopping by!


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