Friday, October 1

What's the Point of Having or Wanting Long Hair if It's ALWAYS Up?

I get this question a lot.
My Simple Answer: Because I like my hair up and by keeping it off my back/shoulders..I can retain length a lot better.

I was never a big fan of wearing my hair down...never liked the way it looked on me, maybe once it gets longer I will. I only wore my hair down like a a few days after a relaxer or wash and set and pinned it right back up. At one point before my healthy hair journey, I did constantly wear my hair down, but I noticed my ends where also very thin.

One of my main goals for growing my hair long, is to have more length to my protective styles..Such as French Braids, 2 braids, thicker buns and long poytails. I would also like my braid-outs to be Arm Pit Length and my Bantu Knots to be Collar Bone Length.

So there's my reason for constant protective styles and why I want my hair longer.

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