Sunday, November 21

5 Inches the distance from my shoulders to my armpits. I love being tall(6ft to be exact)...but I swear everything about me is extra long. I have a long neck, long torso and extremely long legs. The fact that my neck and torso are so takes me a little while to reach all of my goals.
So, I reached full Shoulder Length in January and had about an inch cut off March 26th which left me back at SL.
On average, hair grows about .5 inches a if I am able to retain most of my Length and my hair grows at it's maximum potential..I think I will reach full APL by January. My original goal was December, but I have to be realistic about my goals and the fact that I want a trim to even up my hair doesn't help either.

To make sure my hair grows at least .5 inches a month, I will

* Do Scalp massages at least 3 times a week
* Up my protein intake- This is more for my fitness goals but it will help with my hair as well
* Maintain a clean, healthy scalp
* Take vitamins daily (Multi,Omega 369, MSM) fyi-I'm taking a break from Biotin and Super B-Complex
* Drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily
* 3 days a week of cardio or weight training

I also have to retain my length and will do so by

* Moisturizing and sealing daily
* Protective styling- Keeping my ends tucked away
* No heat
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