Monday, November 29

Dabbling with Make-Up- Work Friendly Look

Now, those who know me...know I barely ever wear make up. If I do, it's some mascara, a little eyeliner, lip gloss then I'm good to go.
But..when I went home for Thanksgiving, my mother gave me a boat load of eyeshadow pallets and brushes! Now, I'm interested in perfecting my make-up technique by watching You-Tube videos and reading tips online.

For now, I'm only doing my eyes because I was never a big fan of concealer/foundation. I have very sensitive skin, so I was afraid of break-outs and also I always felt like I don't want to mask my face from the world.
What you see is what you get!
But, when I visit my sister soon, we're going shopping for some MAC make-up and I'll use the concealer/foundation sparingly.

Anyway..Here's my Work Friendly Look for today. As you can see I am a COMPLETE BEGINNER!
This is my first time using more than one shade of be easy on me. hahaa

I'm working with a 3.2 Mega Pixel phone camera the pics don't show the colors that well

First I added somewhat of a Primer (for now I'm using this Milani Concealer that I just bought and so far it seems to work well. I will purchase a real primer soon)
Eyelids- A light gold color
Crease and up to brow bone-Shimmer Brown
Highlight(under my eyebrow)- Shimmer white
Used a blending brush to get rid of harsh lines
Top of eyelid- Liquid Eyeliner
Eyelashes(top and bottom)- Mascara
* Sorry, I don't know exact colors of shadow, my pallet is at home

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