Tuesday, November 9

A Little of MY Hair History

All through Jr. High and Highschool, I was the girl who always had weave or braids in my hair. I always did them myself, so it was convenient, easy and I felt like it looked so much better than my natural hair.
My Sophmore year of college(2004), I decided to ditch the weaves and rock my own hair. I was all natural, because whatever perm I had in my hair broke off, so I got a virgin relaxer. At that time, I decided to leave the fate of my hair in the hands of my stylist. Boy do I wish I never did that. I relaxed at every 6 weeks and my hair was extremely damaged. One day after a touch-up in January 2006, I combed my hair and chunks and chunks fell out. I knew it wasn't normal. So, back to braids I went. I never really took care of my braids either, just braided and left them alone. No braid spray, washing, nothing.

In March 2007 after being in braids for a year plus, I decided to wear my hair out again because I was interviewing for post college jobs. I received another virgin relaxer, my relaxed ends broke off, so my hair was about ear length. I got a better stylist, but after a year my hair went back to looking thin and lifeless, so I cut it all in October 08 and started over although I took better care of my hair May 2009 was the start of my journey.

Here is a slide show that says it all.

P.S- I always do reminder/Comparison photos to give me some inspiration when I need it.

What A Difference 2 years Makes!!!! October 2008- October 2010

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