Tuesday, November 23

Random Fact

On average a person has between 100,000- 110,000 hairs on their head.

Keep in mind us Colored Folk (I would say African American..but not every1 is American..haha) have the most fragile hair even with-out chemical treatments.
If you see about 5-6  broken hairs a day...there should be no need to stress or be worried. 6 Strands a day would be about 2,190 pieces of hair out of how much strands on our head? Granted there is shedding in between that, but the only reason you should be alarmed is if you have excessive breakage. Like hair all over your sink, floors, clothes...you know what I mean...and if you have a noticable broken areas of hair
..If that's the case then you need to get your moisture and protein balance in check, which I have various posts on.

The reason I posted this is because I even freak out if I see a broken hair and I'm sure others do too. So, don't freak out and I'll try not to either.

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