Monday, December 13

Use One, Buy One

For many people that frequent hair boards, you see challenges which help curbs one "Product Junkieness".
One challenge that I see a lot is called "Use One, Buy One". Basically, once you use up on of your products whether it be a conditioner, moisturizer, deep conditioner or so forth, that is when you buy one to replace it. For some that may seem normal...and your probably like "duh, I do that anyway". But, for me, it's not. I have like 3 different Deep Conditioners sitting in my house, 2 different shampoos...I just have a lot of products that I do not use on a consistent basis that I'm trying to get rid of. Although I do have staple products, that I will always re-purchase, I still find a need to purchase something else in hopes it may be better.
So, I have a new challenge for myself....I said this before...but I need to have this in writing(again) so I stick with this. I will not buy anymore products until I absolutely need them, hence the title "Use One, Buy One".
I'm starting off slow, so I will make this a 4 month challenge for myself and hope I can continue on for the rest of my life. haha

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  1. That's gonna be tough! You gotta let us know how it goes.



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