Sunday, January 16

Just Another Braid-Out

I went to a real casual get-together last night and had to think of something quick to do with my hair. Because I just took my braids out and didn't wash my hair yet,the only thing that came to my mind was a braid-out.

How I achieved it-

*5 single plaits on the right side/middle
*3 plaits on the left side because that side gets pinned back
*Apply moisturizer mixed with water to each section before braiding
*Apply SheaButter (Berry Butter which I will do a review on) to each plait to seal in moisture
*Put a silk roller on each end of the plait to not have straight eds
*Covered hair with silk scarf for 2 hours
*Took Plaits out then fluffed a little (very little because I dont think big hair looks good on me)

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