Monday, January 3

Not So Great End of the Year Pics

 I didn't take any pics or straighten my hair in December, so I can't really do any end of the year comparisons. But, I can compare my progress thus far. I plan on cutting 1.5 inches soon(basically all of my growth from this stretch), so the length of my Oct. and Nov. Pics will probably be the length I will remain for a little while. So here are my progress pics.

December 26, 2009- roller set

                                                                 October 1, 2010- Roller Set
                                                             Airdried- November 7, 2010


  1. Keep up the good work Ms D, your hair looks great and I'm sure you'll hit your goals for 2011.

  2. awww, Thanks so much Tola!!!! I'm sure you will hit all of your goals too!! :-D

  3. I see progress!

    Have you been protective styling? I swear by it.

  4. @ Prettydarkthing!- Thanks! Yes, I have been, just lacking creativity with it. :-)

    @ Love- Thanks!! :-)


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