Monday, January 10

Stepping Up My Nail Polishing Game

Back in highschool and even college, I would get my nails done weekly and they always looked good. My post-college days, I slacked off a little bit and just had my nails cut down short and had no polish on them at all. Those days are over, I have an abundance of nail polish and I plan on using them. This time around, I plan on doing MY OWN NAILS!. Manicure and all. It takes a little practice to get the nail polish on nice and neatly, but I think in a few weeks I will have it down.

When Applying Nail Polish, I always-
*Do a base Coat
*2 Thin Coats of Color
*Apply A Clear Top Coat to finish it off

My polish stays chip free until day 5 or 6

Week 1- Not perfect, a little messy looking, but the extra nail polish got cleaned off after seeing these pics

       Week 2- I got the application process down now- No excess Polish- Soon I'll be doing designs.
            My Right Hand- Mind you I'm a Righty..So I think I did a pretty good job

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