Thursday, February 17

I'm a Certified Mixtress

I remember growing up, my mother used to mix at least one extra component into her hair products. I used to wonder why and found it completely unecessary. Well fast forward 15 years and I turned into my mother. hahaha.. I mix just about anything. Not because I feel the given product isn't effective used alone, but because of the added benefits each extra ingredient contains.

My Prepoo (This is a strengthening Prepoo Treatment)
Conditioner(Mane n Tail Moisturizing/Texturizing Conditioner)
2 table spoons of Karishma Henna (I used to add Amla Powder, but ran out)
1 table spoon of Black Strap Molasses
a few drops of Castor Oil

My Moisturizer
Africas Best Olive Oil Moisturizer
Distilled Water
A few Drops of Hemp Seed Oil
A few Drops of Castor Oil
Table Spoon of Aloe Vera Juice
(Place this in the fridge or add a few drops of Essentials oils as a preservative)

My New Growth Spray
Aloe Vera Juice
a table spoon or so of Glycerin
a few drops of Castor Oil
a few drops of EVOO
6 drops of Rosemary Oil
4 Drops of Eucalyptus Oil
(will be adding peppermint oil when it arrives)

My Moisturizing Deep Conditioner
Any Deep Conditioner I currently use
A few drops of Sexy Hair Organics Moisture Boost
a few drops of Castor Oil or EVOO

My Leave-In Conditioner
Herbal Essence Long Term Relation Split End Protector
Table Spoon of Aloe Vera Juice
Few Drops of Castor Oil
Few Drops of EVOO

I do not Mix

If I use my Dr. Woods Black soap, I will add a few drops of EVOO to it

My Itchy Scalp Remedy if ever needed
EVOO infused with Sublimed Sulfur(about a teaspoon of Sulfur)
few drops of Eucalyptus Oil


  1. Are these mixes good for natural hair too? My daughter has soft hair and a natural wavy pattern that is not loose but not as tight as mine. I would like to see her hair grow grow grow, but I am afraid I don't take care of it enough. I really want to see her hair down with every curl defined.

  2. @ Anonymous- My New Growth Spray is used only on my "natural" hair, so I would definitely suggest that for natural hair. Aloe Vera Juice is something that can be used on all hair types and Glycerin, in my case, works better on natural hair. I only add the oils(Castor Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil) for extra conditioning benefits and the essential oils are added because they give my scalp stimulation which MAY help with growth.

    I do see a lot of naturals using glycerin based products such as S-Curl and Care Free Gold to help moisturize and define curls. The main ingredient in those products is Glycerin, which is why I just make my own mix.

    As for my other "mixes" it's all about trial and error. As you can see, I add either Aloe Vera Juice, Castor Oil or Extra Virgin Olive oil to just about everything. All three of those can either aid in growth, thickness and are all very moisturizing. I would suggest those 3 "products" to anyone, relaxed or natural. Because they can be used alone, mixed with eachother, or mixed in products to give them an extra kick.

    Sorry So Long
    I am sure your daughters hair will flourish with your assistance.

    Here is a You-Tube Channel that a mother created to show how she styles and takes care of her daughters hair. This may help as well.


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