Tuesday, February 15

It Could Be Your Moisturizer- Quick Tips

Are you still experiencing breakage even if you moisturize your hair daily? Your ends aren't damaged and protein/moisture balance is in check, yet you still have breakage? Take a look at your moisturizer..it could be that.

Check the Ingredients- Your moisturizer may contain protein which could possibly cause a protein overload on your hair.. Daily use of protein may not be good for some especially if you are not balancing it out with moisture.

Oil or Glycerin- Have your pick. Some people do well with Oil Based Moisturizers, basically anything with the second ingredient being an oil(the first should be water). Others do well with Glycerin based Moisturizers(the 2nd or 3rd ingredient is usually glycerin). If you find your hair is still breaking when using the particular type of moisturizer you have, maybe you need to switch it up.
*for me I realized that glycerin works well only on my new-growth, not my relaxed ends. So I use glycerin products on my new-growth and oil based moisturizers on my relaxed ends

Now we all already know about Mineral Oil, Petrolatum and things of that nature. They do not moisturize, they only coat strands. Best to use products with those ingredients to seal in moisturizer, if you choose to use them.

Other Trouble Shooters

Frequency- Maybe you don't need to moisturize twice a day..maybe you don't even need to moisturize daily. Go by how your hair feels..not on a set schedule.

Heavy Handed?- You may not realize how rough you can be with your hair. Try to be very gentle with your hair in anything you do.

*For me, I came to realize that I shouldn't touch my hair when it's dry (unless its in a straight style). So, before I moisturize my hair, I spray it with water, or a watery leave-in conditioner. Then I proceed to moisturize. Or I just dilute my oil based moisturizer with Water and/or Aloe Vera Juice and spray it on my hair.

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