Thursday, February 3

January 2011 Purchases

So, here they are. I told y'all I would keep track. The items in bold are replacement products for ones I ran out of and are heavily incorporated in my regimen.

*Tangle Teezer- $8.50

*Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship Split End Protector Leave-in(Creamy leave-in used after a water based leave-in)- $2.50 @ Target

*Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter Conditioner (I do Henna Treatments monthly which I use a lot of conditioner to wash out with, so this was needed. I love this conditioner, so moisturizing)- $1.74 @ Target

*Ion Jet Black Semi-Permanent Rinse(originally I was going to stick with Indigo, but it was out of season and unavailable for a while, so I purchased a rinse instead. Haven't used it yet, though.)- $5.00 @ Sally Beauty Supply

*Mane n Tail Leave-in Conditioner, and Moisturizing Conditioner(Although it says moisturizing conditioner, it contains protein, so I use this weekly to keep my hair strong. The leave-in was free which I did a post on)- $5.75 @ Sally Beauty Supply

*Black Strap Molasses (blog post coming, but I add this in my deep conditioners, especially during a stretch and it keeps my hair very soft)-$4.90 @ Stop and Shop

*Silk Elements Mild Lye Relaxer(no explanation needed.I will be switching relaxers though to maybe ORS Mild Lye Relaxer because I think Silk Elements had me shedding too much)- $4.40 @ Sally Beauty Supply

*African Pride Oil Moisturizer(Needed a new moisturizer, this one was about 12oz, no mineral oil and has absolutely great ingredients) - $2.60 @ Sally Beauty Supply

*Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar(used as a final rinse/mixed with water to help with Porosity)- $1.50 @ Stop and Shop

*Extra Virgin Olive Oil (did a post on this)- 17 Oz- $6.00 @ Stop and Shop

*Total- $42.89

I will do blog posts on the Black Strap Molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar.


  1. Hi, Where did you buy these products?

  2. Hello! Updated my post with locations. :-)

  3. I love this product. I have super long hair that gets split ends like it's nobody's business, and this leave-in conditioner got rid of them fast! I'll admit, I'm a bit of an Herbal Essences fangirl, but even I've never noticed much difference between all their product lines - their curly hair shampoo/conditioner didn't give me any more definition, their volume mousse never gave me extra volume, etc. This split-end protector is a major exception, though. Within a few days of starting to use it, I noticed way fewer split ends, and they've stayed gone. I don't like using massive amounts of hair product, but this product was really lightweight, didn't make my hair greasy, and smells AMAZING! I can't recommend this highly enough


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