Wednesday, February 2

Method Man

Method Man doesn't even deserve a picture on my Blog..hahaha..

When recently asked in an interview if he liked women with natural hair, Method Man responded:

“No. I don’t like peasy afros, sorry. I don’t like dreads either. I like a woman to get her hair did.“

Now everyone is entitled to their own opinion and everybody has a preference. But does he have to sound so d*mn ignorant? Just because one has natural hair IT DOES NOT mean their hair is not done(or in his words "did"). And what the h*ll is a "peasy afro"? I don't know everything about that statement sounds ignorant to me. He could have worded things a lot differently.But to be honest with you, his opinion doesn't really matter anyway! I just hope he doesn't have any daughters.  Even though I'm not natural, I did get offended by this because I love and appreciate all types of hair.
One more thing, who is Method Man anyway?!?!

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  1. Method Man's an idiot! He blew most of his money and gets high 24/7. He needs to keep his mouth shut!


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