Wednesday, March 2

What's Your Biggest Hair Issue?


  1. My problem is retaining length...
    my longest stretch was almost 12 weeks. I have never gone that long without my hair being braided....

    I lost so much hair during my detangle process 2 weeks ago, I ALMOST CRIED. So I bunned and moisturized daily for 6 days...and to my shock STILL LOST A LOT OF HAIR TRYING TO DETANGLE...wore a bun for 3 days and RELAXED ON DAY 4....

    March is a heat month so I will flat iron to check my length,,,

    no more stretching past 9 weeks for me...I will just concentrate on keeping my hair healthy...

    dee in san diego...

  2. @ dee- I'm sorry to hear about the hair you lost during detangling. It could have been shed hair and if so, there is no real need to worry.
    It could also be your detangling technique, which for most, takes time to perfect.
    I will do blog posts on detangling and retaining length. Thanks for commenting on this.

    Also, I'm glad you realized your limit in regards to stretching. For some, it could cause more harm then good to go past a certian amount of weeks. 9 weeks is good because you should have enough new-growth to avoid overlapping.

  3. my biggest problems involve air drying and split ends. i have reached BSL but i still have not perfected air drying yet! my hair will be smooth and tangle free before i tie it up, but when i tie it all up in a satin scarf & bonnet, the next day my hair will be tangled again. how should i wear it before bed? is there anyway to wear it up besides bantu knots/in braids? (those bring me curly styles and i'm more of a bunner so i want smoother results...doesn't help that i'm bad at rollersetting) also, i can't pinpoint what i'm doing wrong that brings me so many split ends ): i M&S when needed, i protective style...still haven't eliminated the problem. any advice would be appreciated!!

  4. @ Tay- Thanks for commenting!
    Soon, I will do a post on different air drying techniques and split ends..
    For Air Drying-
    One suggestion would be to use the scarf method. So, while your hair is still damp(with leave-ins) you will tie your scarf around your hair with your ends hanging loose.
    Then when your hair is about 80% dry, you could moisturize and seal your ends then do two large pin curls while the satin scarf is still on your head.
    Then just place the bonnet over your head and sleep. The next morning it should be moisturized, smooth and it wont be too curly.

    For split ends, sometimes no matter how good we take care of our hair, they are inevitable. But I will also do a post on preventative measures and so forth


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