Friday, April 15

2 Weeks... 2 Long

Oh Man, I have a very sad confession. I haven't de-tangled my hair in 2 whole weeks. Sad, but very true.

Why haven't I done so...out of pure laziness! It takes me 1-1.5 hrs. to detangle and I was not up for the task when I returned from my trip.

So...I devised a game plan to handle this madness.

Tonight, I will:

Spritz hair with warm water
Gently Finger Detangle
Apply Black Strap Mollasses mixed with Coconut Oil in sections from root to tip
Place Plastic Cap on my head
Leave in overnight

The Black Strap Mollasses help darken, strengthen and soften my hair..same for Coconut Oil

In the AM..I will rinse that out then gently clarify.

After Washing, I will Apply:

Aubrey Organics White Camellia Conditioner
Mixed with Hemp Seed Oil and Castor Oil

Then Do a Home Made Steam Treatment which entails:

Placing my Turban Towel in a bowl of water then microwaving it until it's pretty hot
Apply Turban over hair
then place a plastic cap over the Turban Towel
Then I will repeat that step one more time, so I will have two Turbans and Two Plastic Caps.
I will then go under the dryer for 25 minutes

When Complete..I will rinse out the Condtioner with COOL water to seal the cuticle.

Hopefully my hair is super moisturized after doing so..because after all of that..I will apply leave-ins then lightly detangle...let airdry for a half hour then FULLY DETANLGE as usual.

*My hair is super fragile while wet, so I HAVE to make sure it's strong before detangling

It has also been 8 weeks since I dusted my ends..I will do so tomorrow.

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