Saturday, April 2

Brief Update

First, I would like to thank ALL of my readers, old and new!!!
I haven't been posting as regularly as I would like to or should, but life has been extremely busy lately.
Regular posting will resume soon....most likely the week of the 11th.

As for my hair...I am 10 weeks post relaxer and have no idea when I plan to relax. My new-growth is manageable so I'm taking this week by week.

I have about an inch of new-growth un-stretched in the front and more new-growth in the back.(my edges are reddish/orange due to the henna glosses)

I've just been bunning either all slicked back :

Or with "bangs":

Shrinkage is crazy!!!:

My goal is to stretch to 16 weeks, but who knows..I'm no longer putting a time frame on when I relax. I'm just listening to my hair. If I start to experience breakage at the line of demarcation, I will do a protein treatment then relax a week later...if not, then I will keep on trucking.

I hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend!!

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