Wednesday, April 27

Solange, Cassie and Selita Talk Hair With Carols Daughter, Lisa Price

In Part 1 of this interview with Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price along with Solange Knowles, Cassie and Selita Ebanks, the beautiful women break down stereotypes about black hair, their different hair textures and more!

My family is very cultural. The woman in my family go from the brightest vanilla to the chocolately chocolate and all of our hair textures vary. Growing up, I had an identity crisis because I’m so light skin so I use to envy the girls when we were in the bathroom and they were able to wrap their hair with no pins, so I thought it was something wrong with my hair - Selita Ebanks

From the time I was born until I was 12 years old my hair was pin straight and I prayed every night that I could have [curly] hair like my mom. She’d press it out, she’d have her beautiful curls when we’d go to the beach. As soon as I hit puberty, I got that curl and now it’s going back the other way. I always wanted that and I had it for one moment of my life – Cassie

Cutting my hair, it doesn’t even feel brave but it was funny to see the social response and their interpretation of what a hair cut or hair change means. A hair cut, color, all of those things to me is just an outlet of expression – Solange

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  1. I'm with Solange and the woman who said what we do with our hair is for our happiness. It's to be who we are. It's our choice.

    And I liked how Solange said "it's not a pet." Haha, so true. I love her! :)


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