Wednesday, April 20

Yeah it was Cheap...But I Still Bought It!

So, let me give you a little background first.
The last time a flat-iron touched my hair was November 2009. As all who read my blog can see, I don't use heat on my hair much. So, I couldn't justify spending $100+ on a hair tool I would probably use twice a year the most.

So...I purchased the Infiniti by Conair SS9 1 1/2" Nano Silver Steam Straightner, for $27.99(free shipping) off of Amazon. When this first came out 2-3 years ago it was about $90.

Out of 108 reviews; 56 people gave it 5 stars and 18 people gave it 4 stars. I also read some good reviews from ladies with 4b hair. So....I purchased it and should be receiving it soon. I plan to flat-iron my hair after I relax it and air-dry sometime in May.

More about the item.

2-Stage styling and advanced technology

You’ll love what our new high-tech 2-stage styling system can do for your hair. As nano silver makes plates glide smoothly through hair, Tourmaline Ceramic™ smoothes hair’s cuticle layer to protect it from heat damage. The 2-step styling system first infuses hair with conditioning steam, and then locks in all that healthy moisture with heated plates. The results are sensational: silky, shinier, pin-straight styles that last! The advanced Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramic™ technology and our 2-stage styling system lets you achieve longer lasting salon-straight looks, every time you style!

Retractable Detangling Combs

The retractable detangling combs separate tangles and tame even the most unruly frizz! The detangling comb spread the hair strands evenly between the plates to detangle while straightening, providing uniform results from roots to ends. Three different comb heights, high, low and off, make this the perfect straightener for any hair type, even thick and coarse textures. Three settings let you choose from low to maximum tension control. Set the comb height that is best for your hair type. Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramic™ coating on the combs provides smooth glide and shiny, healthy looking results.

Steam Benefits

Automatic multi-level steam function steams hair straight while smoothing the cuticle layer and helping to lock in style. Conditioning steam helps add moisture and shine to hair, so you get salon results at home. Simply fill the removable water reservoir and pop into place for up to 20 minutes of hair-conditioning steam. The steam feature may be turned on or off, and you can choose high or low steam settings depending on your hair type for perfectly smooth and straight results. For coarse hair, select the high steam setting.

Ionic Benefits

Ionic properties neutralize positive charges in the air, reducing the static electricity that dulls hair and causes flyaway’s and frizzes. Hair instantly becomes more manageable and shiny. The ionic steam straightener is equipped with a true ion generator that releases 2 million ions / cm3. Steam and ions create increased softness and brilliant shine for flawless results.

Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramic™ Coated Plates

Micro-particles of nano silver coat the straightener’s surface. The fusion of ceramic and tourmaline gives the plate’s optimal resistance to the highest temperatures and guarantees the integrity of the surface. Your hair glides through the plates effortlessly, without friction. The integrity of your hair is preserved. Keeping your straightener’s easy glide plates clean is effortless, because of its nonstick surface. Simply wipe plates with a damp cloth after each use to remove any product buildup.

Electronic Temperature Control

The new ionic steam straightener with electronic temperature control generates ultra-high heat that is capable of straightening hair in only one stroke, without damaging it. Four ceramic heaters ensure fast heat-up to 202°C/395°F and keep the temperature constant and uniform while straightening the hair. Five temperature settings allow you to choose from low, for fine or processed hair, to high, for coarse, thick hair.

Professional Pouch

The ionic steam straightener comes with a high-quality, multi-layered, heat resistant professional mat and pouch. The 2-in-1 storage pouch and counter mat folds and snaps closed to store your hot styling iron safely. When straightening, rest your steam straightener on the open mat to protect your countertops from heat.

Professional 9’ Swivel Cord

The ionic steam straightener is equipped with a professional 9-foot swivel cord that rotates 360° to prevent tangling and to make straightening your hair easy from any angle

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