Monday, May 2

Keeping My Fingers Crossed

I really hope to make Full Arm Pit Length by the next time I relax.

I have 4 months (well almost) worth of New-Growth and when I gently stretch my hair in the back down to the front, it looks like it reaches APL.

                                                            Hair Before Washing taken out of a bun

And when I stretch my hair in the front, it's almost touching APL.
                                                                          hair after washing

I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that I reach this goal, because if I do, I should def meet my final goal of Bra-Strap-Length by December.

*Sorry for the crappy quality pics

Just a reminder of where I started from in June of 2009- I kind of miss the short hair on me!


  1. You'll definitely make it, I'm only 8 weeks post so I try not to look. If I can make it to full APL by my 2 year HJ anniversary (in July), I'll be a happy girl.

  2. Thanks, MrsT! I hope I do.

    You're already at APL, so I'm positive you will make Full APL by July!


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