Tuesday, May 24

Last on my Wish List!

Crea Clips!

I heard these are God(I usually don't use this term) sent for self-trimmers. In an effort to be a complete DIYer, I think these will be perfect for my arsenal. You would basically place the clip on the section of hair you are looking to trim, drag it down, level it and cut directly beneath where the clip is placed. I would do the sides, then back instead of all at one time.
It cost about $35.00, but I heard it's well worth it.

I would def have someone else trim the back and even the sides for me, but it's kind of "fool-proof" so they can't mess it up.

This is the absolute last thing I want or need and I plan on ordering it soon.

Does anyone have these? If so, reviews are welcomed!

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  1. With this I could finally trust my husband to trim my hair evenly. If you get it let us know if it really works!


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