Wednesday, May 4

Relaxer Fears

*Beware- Nothing but Relaxer Posts until I get my next touch-up.

As stated before, I will be getting my touch-up on Saturday!
I'm kind of nervous because this will be done "at home" and the last two times I relaxed myself, I was left under-processed. And not the normal underprocessed either! I was relaxed at my roots, then there was new-growth in the middle then on to my relaxed ends. Kind of looking like this --------ZZZZZZ---------! The underprocessed areas were also very dry.

But, I made a few mistakes

* Didn't add enough relaxer to my new-growth
* Used a Mild Relaxer
* Didn't Smooth the Relaxer through all of my new-growth
* Washed the Relaxer out too soon
* when Basing my scalp, got Vaseline on my new-growth too
* Had NO assistance!

So, In order to prevent under-processing again, I will make the following adjustments

* Make sure to add Plenty of relaxer on my new-growth

* Switched to a Normal Relaxer- I think Normal suites me better because my roots are completely virgin. For Example; I don't use heat during my relaxer stretch so my new-growth is so strong and resistant to a Mild Relaxer. Although, I will be adding a table Spoon of Silk Amino Acids to my relaxer. But that shouldn't cause any issues of underprocessing, it would just leave my hair stronger after a relaxer.

* I will make sure to smooth the relaxer through all of my new-growth while trying to avoid getting any relaxer on my already relaxed ends

* I will time this relaxer but also assess the condition of my hair before washing out

* I will base my scalp with Vaseline about 1 hour before relaxing being extra careful not to get any Vaseline on my hair

* This time my Mother is helping me and my sister will be there to assist or guide my mother when necessary.
For this relaxer, I plan to have my mom do the back half of my hair while I do the front. So this will be an even application and leaving plenty of time to smooth out.

Wish me luck!!

P.S- I'm more scared of under-processing then over-processing because I will def make sure to wash the relaxer out at the suggested time.
I also don't want my hair to be bone straight, but relaxed to my likings!


  1. You're brave for tackling that on yourself. There's nothing like trial and error though, and saving money!

    Well, I finally got my natural hair journey down on! Thought you might like to check it out!

  2. Thanks! Yes, I agree and if anything goes wrong (God Forbid), I have only myself to blame!

    Yay!! I will def. check it out and follow!

  3. I understand your anxiety... Remember how bad my experience was with my first stretch longer than 8 weeks went...
    I'm still having a lot of breakage 2weeks post aphogee 2step... Im going to try a black tea rinse and see if that helps... I'm 8weeks post relaxer but I won't relax until I get the shedding under control...

    On a POSITIVE NOTE... my 1st experience with the satin scarf braidout was FAB... I will never do regular braidouts again....

    Good luck with everything....
    Dee in san Diego

  4. I DIY everything, but not my relaxer, just too many variables. Hope it goes well for you.

  5. @ Dee- Good Luck with the shedding.
    If you do a black tea rinse, be sure to do a moisturizing DC after because it can be drying.

    That's great about the Satin Scarf Braid-Out. I wil try it after my touch-up

    @ Mrs T- I wish I could find a stylist I could trust to do my touch-ups.


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