Wednesday, May 11

Sad Realization and New Hair Goal

So, I had my hair down for 4 days and I just couldn't WAIT to wash it and put it back in a bun! Which I did last night/this AM.
My Sad Realization is that I think I'm addicted to Protective Styling. Haha. I think I do them now because I'm just so used to it and I feel as if they look good on me ....more then for the "protective" aspect.

Ok, on to the Hair Goals!

I am happy with the length I am at. I don't really care if my hair reaches Bra-Strap-Length anymore because I know I can make it there.

My New Hair Goal is to have thick hair from root to tip. So, with that being said..I will trim a half inch(which is how much I usually grow a month) every other month. That means I will cut off half of my progress until December. My hair should still go below APL, but I doubt it will reach BSL by December anymore. I am completely fine with that though!!!

Now you ask why don't I cut it all off at once?-  My ends aren't damaged because I dust them regularly. They are just not as thick as I would like because they are "pre-hair-journey" hair. My hair is usually in textured styles if down or in a bun, so they don't bother me so much for me to chop it off all at once. I also don't want to loose too much length at once!

My regimen will remain basically the same.

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