Saturday, June 11

Cornrow Prep

As said in my last rant post...I will be doing cornrows today.

In preparation for them..I did the following:

  • Soaked Kanekalon Hair in Water mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar to remove Alkaline Base
  • Deep conditioned with a Henna Gloss mixed with an Egg for protein- 2 hours
  • Shampooed
  • Conditioned again to replenish moisture from Shampooing
  • Deep Conditioned Overnight with Moisturizing DC
  • Rinsed in AM
  • Porosity Control as final rinse
  • Let excess water soak in Turban for about 20 minutes
  • Applied leave-ins
  • Separated hair in the 3 sections(rows) I plan to cornrow
  • added some oil to seal the leave-in and lightly detangled
  • secured each section with ponytail holder
  • Air-dried

I know it seems like a lot, but it's now 10:20 AM and my hair is almost dry ready for me to braid.
I'm hoping this takes me no more than 3 hours to do.

My Hair in the Three sections:

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