Saturday, June 11

These Will do For Now

So I finished braiding my hair in about 5 hours. The reason why it took so long was because I had to carefully detangle, moisturize and seal each section before braiding.
The braids didn't come out great..AT ALL. After I did the back two rows, I was so anxious to finish, the front looks sub-par. Also, with my nails being so long, I had issues braiding the front for some reason. (my nails have always been long and never had issues before)
My goal was to keep these in for two weeks, but I may re-do the front tomorrow or sometime next week depending on how I feel.


Right Side

Left Side:

Front View


  1. Awwww you look so cute! I remember doing these when I was in college. Lately, I've been thinking of revisiting them. They're so easy to do!


  2. Thanks, K.D! I think they would look great on you, especially with your style! :-)


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