Friday, July 1

Go Hard or Go Home

So, I said this before..but I'll say it again. This is my absolute last year of "growing" my hair out and being so concerned about the length. last year. Starting in January, I will enjoy my hair more and go back to regular trims(not dusting) every touch-up (whenever that is). My healthy hair journey is not ending, but I will not use supplements, growth aids and constant protective styles to grow my hair longer.
 With that being said...I am doing everything possible to retain every single inch I grow and possibly speed up the growth, while maintaining healthy hair. My final goal is Bra-Strap Length which I think I will make by May 12' the latest, but Full Thick Below Shoulder Blade is my goal for the end of the year.
I do want thicker hair, but I think that will come with my growth/retaining hair plan.

So for the next 6 months, I will:

USE NO DIRECT HEAT (next time I flat iron will be for my final length check in December. When I relax, I will do a roller-set)

Protective Style 99 % of the time- I may do braids on and off..but the most I will wear my own hair out will be like once a month or so.

Stay Consistent with My Vitamins- Right now for Hair purposes, I am taking:
1,000 MCG MSM
5,000 MCG Biotin

For other purposes, I am taking:
Multi Vitamin

(D3 and Multi are chewable. MSM, Biotin, B-Complex all go in my Orange juice since they are water soluble. The only pill I have to swallow is Zinc)

Consume More Protein!!!!- I switched to Greek Yogurt instead of the regular, eat peanuts as snacks and I eat fish and chicken every day ...of course there are other ways I will consume more protein, but those are a few examples

Wash, Condition -Weekly (when hair is out) Bi-weekly (when in braids)

Moisturize- Daily

Dust my Ends every 8-12 Weeks- This time, I really mean dust..only to avoid any split ends and a major cut in the future

Apply Oils Mixed with Sublimed Sulfur to scalp at least 3 times a week.

Continue to Stretch my Relaxer to 14-16 weeks *this will help with the thickness...using braids to help stretch will help me avoid breakage

I may even throw in a few scalp massages


  1. I told myself also, that if I'm not at my goal length by the end of 2012, then I need to devote my time and energy into something else. I won't say that I've wasted my time on my hhj. I have learned many things and met very interesting people however I could think of a few other areas of my life that could use the devotion that I put into my hair. I've been on my hhj since 2008 and I keep cutting my hair back to SL.

  2. Girl, I understand and relate to everything you're saying! When we get into this HJ thing, we become so dedicated to it, that we sometimes neglect other aspects of our life. Hey, at least you're giving yourself until 2012, I'm pretty sure you will meet your goals!

    HHG :-D


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