Thursday, July 7


  • My YouTube subscriptions are full of natural "sisters" and by watching them I get the urge to transition
  • On the Flip Side- Whenever I see a relaxed head do a length check- I get the urge to end my stretch and get a touch-up
  • BOTH urges pass in about a day
  • I filled in my eyebrows for the first time today- Boy do I look different
  • Since I have been wearing braids- I basically stopped buying hair products- OH YEAH!
  • Since I have been wearing braids- My Conditioner is lasting a lot longer
  • My Hair is never going to get to the thickness I wish for until my crown catches up with the rest of my hair. Who knows how long that will take, but at least it's making progress
  • I noticed breakage when braiding my hair. One area in my nape and somewhere else. The areas of breakage total 3 braids- In repair mode!
  • One of my male friends called me cheap because I do my own hair and wont go to a salon
  • I told that same male friend that even WHEN I'm rich..I will still do my own hair!
  • I'm already planning my next touch-up (ways to improve and have fab. results)
  • I appreciate each and every one of my readers!
  • I wrote this in a diff. post that I had to delete, but thank you again to Miss Dre for nominating/awarding me with the One Lovely Blog award!!! Anyone that hasn't already checked out her blog, should. It's not about hair..but it keeps me engaged!


  1. I have a male friend who says the same thing about me doing my own hair.

  2. @KayTee- lol..they just don't get it sometimes!

  3. Most of them don't! Luckily my SO is very supportive of my hair journey, product buying, blogging, being on hair sites all day, and all of that. He says he understands that it's my passion like his music is he doesn't make ignorant comments about it and even gets excited for me when I reach a milestone. The first time I hit APL he was all like, "ooh! Lemme see!" LOL. ♥

  4. awwww that's great that you have such a supportive SO!

  5. Thank you Ms. D! I need to do a hair post every now and again. I'm with you--I will still do my own hair even when I do become rich lol! I take care of my hair and my hubby's so he is really supportive of my hair journey as well.

  6. I think I will always do my own hair too!! I'm transitioning and would love for the rest of my hair to look like my roots - def not ready for the big chop so I will continue to rock both textures... love your blog

  7. @ Miss Dre- No problem! It's okay if you don't have any hair posts...your blog is fine just the way it is :-)
    Hey, no-one knows our hair better then we do!
    That's great you're hubby is supportive as well! And he's lucky to have a personal hair stylist like you!

    @ Rose from Rosedale- Good luck on your transition! From my experience, some stylists have a very hard time dealing with 2 doing your own hair is in your best interest right now!

    Thanks..and you have a new follower :-D


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