Sunday, July 17

Small (Hair) Talk

I just came back from Canada to spend some time with the family and say my final good-byes to my Grandmother. The last memory I have of her was this past Easter when I was in Canada, as usual.....the night before we left, I did her hair for her. :-D

So..on to my hair talk.
This past week..I did about 3 of my family members hair and it consisted of:

  • Flat Ironing Natural Hair and putting Bantu- Knots in it for a slight curl- Then Styling
  • Straightening and Curling my honorary little cousins hair
  • French braiding my little cousins hair
ALL three of them gave me inspiration for my blog.
Who knew how difficult it could be to maintain straight hair as a natural in this hot humid weather.
Also...who knew how difficult it could be to style children's hair..especially if they DON'T like braids.(now anyone that knows me..knows that I don't like using much heat)

So..they really inspired me to dig a little deeper when it comes to my blog posts....I have a lot more coming pertaining to the STAY TUNED! :-D

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