Tuesday, July 19

Summer Growth Spurt?

Many people state that their hair tends to grow faster in the summer. This could be because some drink more water, are more active , more sunlight (Vitamin D) or even because of a change in their regimen.

I saw this excerpt on eHow.com. Not sure how accurate this is, but it makes some kind of sense:

During the warm summer months, the human body has to work faster to perform some common activities and maintain homeostasis. It also has to work faster and harder to help the body cool down. This leads to faster cell division due to more efficient blood circulation throughout the body, which, among other things, causes hair to grow faster. Hair cells at the root divide much more quickly in the summer than during winter months and push the hair down more rapidly. As a result, hair grows faster by about 10 percent.

I noticed that the summer time is when I get the most growth regardless of what I do to my hair.

So my Question to all of you is:

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  1. I have summer spurts as well. I've come to look forward to them. :)


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