Friday, August 12

3 Ways I Use Baking Soda

* Well, besides the obvious!

1.) When Oil From My Hair Get's on My Clothes- Put some baking soda on the stain, let sit for a good amount of time(I let it sit for like 3 hours or even overnight), rinse..voila..the oil stain is GONE

2.) When I Run Out of Shampoo- Mix a little bit of conditioner and water with baking soda, then wash my hair with the concoction...voila..clean hair (I hardly EVER run out of shampoo though)

3.)  To Exfoliate My Skin*- Mix some Baking Soda with my facial cleanser...gently rub on face..rinse...voila..smooth, soft skin. 

*I also use brown sugar, which I find equally effective

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