Monday, August 15

The Bet

This is a bet that my friend and I have. We are both trying to grow our hair out, but both have thoughts of cutting a few inches like every 2 months. We have 2 very different hair textures, but the same goal in mind.
I am relaxed and she is natural (with loose curly hair, but she is color treated). I am APL while she is BSL. My goal is to get to her length. This is a fun, cute here goes the rules.

Starting today August 15th 2011, we cannot cut our hair until the end of our bet which ends April 1st 2012

What we CAN do is trim our ends when needed

What we CANNOT do is layer our hair, cut bangs, or cut anything over 1/2 inch of hair

If either of us CUT our hair before April 1st the loser will have to pay $250.00.

Do you agree??- YES!!

Starting Pics:

My Friend

Although this was taken in May, my hair was cut almost an inch since then. So I believe this is still my current length. 


  1. Awesome..this will take our minds off of cutting our hair now..I refuse to lose $250 bucks jajajaja.

  2. WOW, $250?! lol, now that's inspiration! Your friend's hair is beautiful, and your ends look great in your May pic, why'd you cut an inch? Sounds like you needed this challenge! lol.

  3. Thank you EbonyCPrincess for the compliment.

  4. @ Anon- Heeey girl!!
    LOL, I refuse to lose $250 too! Let's do this!

    @EbonyCPrincess- lol, I know right!
    I cut an inch because I felt like my ends were thin. Still have those bone-laxed ends.
    I sure do need this challenge..I think it will keep me motivated!

  5. Cute idea!!

    And $250 is just that added kick of inspiration!

    Good luck ladies! =)

  6. The rules are so simple, but I know how strong the urge to cut is(I am an example of this). Hopefully, the $250 payout will be enough motivation to keep growing.

  7. @ Shika- Thanks!:-)

    @ LaQT- I'm thinking you should get in on this bet too..haha.

    $250 is def inspiration/motivation for me...I'm just thinking of all the hair products I can buy with that!

  8. That's a long time.....okay, let me see when it starts? Started yesterday, I guess I can join. I don't think my new found beautician is going to be happy about this. Maybe I can grow my hair back to the length it was before my cut. Rambling....I'm in!

  9. @LaQT- Yay!! I'm holding you to this. And I follow your I would find out if you do.
    Remember, dusting is allowed. Your ends are so fresh, I doubt a big trim would be needed anytime soon anyway. I do believe you can grow your hair out to the length u were before by April with minimal trimming. This should be motivation for you! :-)


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