Friday, August 26

Bunning it

I ended up taking my twists out last night. On Wednesday, I actually co-washed my hair while in twists and I really felt like I missed my hair after doing so. So, Thursday...out went the twists!
I actually did a video on how I remove my twists...but my nose looked SUPER shiny..and I was not going to post that for the world to see. But I followed the same procedure as before and coated my twists with V05 Moisture Milks, untwisted, then finger detangled. Once all the twists were out, I de-tangled with a wide-tooth comb.

Right now I am rocking a big ol' bun. (yes, that;s a satin scrunchy..and I could not care less that it's showing. Health of my hair before anything)

Sorry for the crappy pics...I took them with my phone.


  1. You got that right! "Big ol' bun" is exactly what it is! Look at all that hair. Your buns looks great girl. :D


  2. Oh how I love a big bun lol! Yours looks very nice. And is it bad that I actually like the look of scrunchies (even though they're sort of outdated)? :P

  3. Thanks,Tay!, that's a-okay that you like the look of scrunchies..hey, I do too. But I know a lot of people who think they're super old school


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